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Welcome to Mackendrick Computers

Buy with the peace of mind that you will be taken care of not only now but in the future. Mackendrick Computers now has two locations to serve you.

325A East Bidwell
Folsom, CA 95630

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Placerville, CA 95667

Sales Service and Support Since 1984

Mackendrick Computers is a family owned and operated business started in 1984. We specialize in New Computer builds, Used Refurbished Desktop Computers and Laptops, Virus Removal, Data back-up, and Computer Maintenance.
Here at Mackendrick Computers we believe that the job should be done the first time, that is why we offer a full 1 year warranty on all new Desktops and Laptops and a 6 month warranty on refurbished computers.
Please visit any one of our locations or call any time. The technical era is here, let us be your guide.

Printers and their ink

Ink-Jet printers have you trapped in a cycle of buying ink all the time. They make the price for the printers very low so they get you into buying their ink. The cost of Color Laser printers has come way down and the laser cartridges last a lot longer. Most cartridges give you aroung 3 to 4 thousand pages. I got two Samsung color laser printers for $145 each and they have been great. One in each store and we use the heck out of them. Change cartridges around once every year.

FREE AVG Updates

Did you update your free copy of AVG 2011 today, in the hopes of evading a nasty bug? In a set of mildly familiar circumstances, the antivirus company has inadvertently unleashed an even nastier one. Users running 64-bit editions of Windows 7 and AVG 2011 are reporting a STOP error after a mandatory antivirus update this morning, which is keeping some from booting their machines into Windows at all. The buggy update has since been pulled and there are a couple ways to preemptively keep it from happening if you’re staring at the message above, but if you’ve already been stung, you’re looking at some quality time with a recovery disc or repair partition to fix your Windows boot files. Find all the solutions, including the preemptive ones, at our source link below. (From Engaget)

Should I leave my computer running all the time?

Because some programs don’t manage memory (ram) very well your computer will start to slow down after a while if not rebooted.  When a computer boots (turns on) it loads programs necessary to run the computer and they reside in ram (random access memory) until the system is shut down.  Programs do the same thing and that is why we have ram.  If one of the drivers or other things stored in ram get corrupted then you may have slowdowns or lockups until you reboot. There is also a things called ram leakage that can causes corruption as well as power spikes etc.

Online Data Storage

Online data storage companies are going out of business in large numbers. Make sure that is not your only backup. Some companies gave as little as 3 hours for you to get your data off before shuting down

Rick Mackendrick’s Tech Tips is Back!

Many of you might remember Ricks Tech Tips from the Gold Panner Publication. Now Rick is bringing his sound advise column back to you. Subscribe to our RSS feed and always stay up to date. Stay Tuned!

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